Data and cookie management policy

Last modification: 01/07/2018

Data Privacy Statement

The personal data of the user (name, address, telephone number, identifiers, etc.) are collected for the sole purpose of providing the LIBERTY ARTS FRANCE services. The user provides this information being fully aware of this, especially when the same downloads or enters such data.


The user has the right to access, modify, correct and delete this information. The user can exercise this right by contacting LIBERTY ARTS FRANCE.


No personal information of the user is collected or published without the user being aware of it. No information is sold to any third parties. LIBERTY ARTS FRANCE may, however, use third parties to assure the operation of its services; therefore LIBERTY ARTS FRANCE may share user data with such third parties. Such data sharing shall only take place to allow LIBERTY ARTS FRANCE to offer a better service to the users, within the strict limitation set forth by the law.


When the users visit the website, cookies are stored on their computers, mobile phones or tablets.


A cookie is information stored on your hard drive by the server of the website you are visiting. It contains several data, including the name of the server that stored it, a unique number identifier, and possibly an expiration date.


This website uses two main types of cookies: essential cookies, and functional and social cookies.


Essential cookies:

  • they adapt the presentation of the website to the display preferences of the user terminal
  • they store information relating to a form that the user has filled in on the website or relating to products or services that the user has selected on the website
  • they allow the user to access the reserved and personal areas of the website

Without essential cookies, basic navigation and some essential functions may be blocked.

Functional and social cookies:

  • they establish statistics on and volumes of visits to the website
  • they allow the user to share the contents of the website on the main social platforms, using plug-ins present on the website and developed by the involved social platforms

If the user refuses the use of cookies in whole or in part, some features of the website will no longer work and/or will not work properly. We shall not be held liable for any degraded operation of the website due to the user’s refusal of certain cookies.

Accepting or refusing cookies

When the users access the website, we suggest them to accept or refuse cookies.


It is also possible to configure one’s own browser to refuse or delete certain cookies.


We remind the users that such reconfiguration is likely to change the conditions under which the users access one of our services requiring the use of cookies.


The following links show you how to set cookies according to the browser used:


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For any other browser, please consult directly the cookie management aids available on the Internet.