Children Courses

You would like to introduce your child to graphic and plastic arts (drawing, painting, collage, modeling…), your child wants to learn to draw characters, portraits, animals, or improve his/her pictorial technique with reference to drawing or painting.


We would be happy to introduce your child to various plastic techniques or to accompany him/her in strengthening his/her acquired knowledges.


The courses combine the discovery of arts and art history.


Let your child discover the pleasure of drawing and painting!



​Workshop for children and teenagers

Our workshops are designed for children from the age of 5 years.


The workshops have been conceived to allow your children to learn under good conditions the basics and get introduced to the different forms of art.


During this period, the young participants will have the chance to live multiple experiences in terms of production, familiarizing with different techniques of creation, sculpture, manga, painting, collage, drawing, fashion design…


Graphic and plastic arts courses aim at developing the talent, the creative spirit and the understanding of their environment in your children.



The benefits of art on children

Regular practice of an artistic activity is beneficial emotionally, psychically and physically. Creation makes happier.


Artistic creation allows a better coordination of the eye and the hand, develops the motricity, stimulates the imagination, improves the concentration, develops the confidence in oneself, increases the cognitive skills.


The skills developed can be transferred to other areas at school and in everyday life.


« In every child there is an artist »




The lessons last 2 hours or 2 hours and a half.
It is possible to register at any time of the season.




Workshops in groups of 2 to 5 people maximum allow following each of the participants personally. Children learn to draw step by step at their own pace and with pleasure.


We offer courses for small groups divided by age, diversified workshops that allow everyone to express their creativity and discover artistic practice of drawing, painting, modeling and of graphic and plastic arts in general.


In a friendly, warm and studious atmosphere, participants learn the different techniques to draw and paint.



Concerning the program: drawing, painting and modeling

During the school year, students learn to master and control their hand to take the right actions. They study the basics of perspective drawing, composition, proportions, shades of gray, color, light…


They practice the techniques applied while drawing and painting using different tools: pencils, watercolors, inks, felt pens, colored pencils.


They also make models and sketches of various objects (cars, planes, still life representations), as well as copies of the paintings and drawings of great masters.


Depending on their desire, children may ask to learn to draw animals, characters, landscapes.



•   Learning to draw animals

We teach your children to master the art of drawing to allow them to draw a 2D animal and then we teach them how to work on its posture by dividing the volumes of the body using simple geometric shapes, to make his body expressive by working on the details of the ears, tail, opening of the eyes… and finally the coat.


Applying methods and techniques, your children will learn to draw animals like horses, zebras, butterflies, rabbits, dogs, cats, giraffes, elephants, lions, bears, birds… and unicorns, too.



•   Learning to draw characters

The easiest way to draw a person involves applying the technique of ovals connected to one another to form the different parts of the body and give a posture to the character, a gesture, a movement; then, the work focuses on the details, the refinement of the features and of the outlines in order to convey relief to the character.



•   Learning to draw portraits

Mastering the proportions of the face as front and profile view, learning to draw the eyes, the nose, the mouth, ears, hair… we will teach the basics and techniques to give life to a face of a woman, a man or a girl.



•   Learning to draw mangas

We teach the basics of the manga drawing, using the techniques for drawing cartoons, graphic simplification techniques, the basics of academic drawing, drawing in space, perspective, shadow and light….



•   Learning to paint: watercolors, gouache and acrylic paints…

We teach the different painting techniques: gouache painting, watercolor painting and acrylic painting. We will work together on the choice of the subject, the composition of the painting, the preliminary drawing, the preparatory layer, the laying of the colored layers, the final layers and the retouches. We will learn how to use brushes, knives… to improve one’s pictorial technique.



Your children will learn to observe, discover, draw…