Painting Courses

The program for acrylic or watercolors painting:


  • The different techniques and the work method
  • Primary, secondary and complementary colors
  • The theory of colors and their mixing
  • Theory of mediums
  • The composition (abstract, figurative, contemporary)
  • The subject, style and concept
  • The landscape
  • Small and large format
  • The function of the image
  • Developing your own style


« Painting is an art, and the art in its whole is not a vain objects creation that get lost in the void, but a power that has a goal and must serve to the evolution and to the refinement of the human soul, to the moving of the Triangle. It is the language that speaks to the soul, in its proper form, of things, which are the daily bread of the soul and which it can receive only under this form. »

On the Spiritual In Art, Vassily Kandinsky, éd. Denoël, coll. folio / essays, 1989, p. 200 – Vassily Kandinsky