Cours Liberty Arts

Liberty Arts France is a French association (declared under the law of 1 July 1901), created in September 2016, which has been organizing and developing learning paths on graphic and plastic arts under the brand Cours Liberty Arts for several years now.


The purpose of the association is to organize and develop the learning and practice of painting, drawing and all other activities concerning graphic and plastic arts involving young children, teenagers and adults. We work to ensure and follow their training in these disciplines.


Cours Liberty Arts is also a place of learning, exchange, discovery, openness to the world of art and artistic creation.


Moreover, the “Espace Art et Culture” in Antibes offers us the possibility of illustrating some notions, introducing these young people to the history of art through the analysis of pictorial styles, but also passing through different artistic movements.

Cours Liberty Arts aims at guiding students in developing their artistic vision and improving the learning of their creativity process. Learning, experimenting, exploring and developing a creative passion is at the heart of the association’s mission.


The association suggests the learning of a great variety of different techniques: watercolors, acrylics, inks, pastels, sanguine, charcoal, felt pens, colored pencils, graphite…


The courses are open to everyone: beginners, amateurs or experts. The association welcomes children from the age of 5, teenagers and adults.


We welcome all apprentices who wish to draw their dreams, learn or perfect their pictorial arts, fashion design and creative fashion skills.


We participate actively at various events and take part in school activities.