Pierre Corneille said « I am young, it is true; but in noble souls valor does not wait for years ».


Three centuries later, the path followed by Séverine Vermorel in such a short time proves that this quote is still well-founded.


Born in 1976 in central France, Séverine grew up with a policeman father and a stylist mother. However, as a young girl she mostly grew up in the shadow of her grandfather, a man of character and an atypical soul (first hour resistant), an industrialist, a businessman, a musicians, a shoe designer.


Did the old man notice the level-headed nature of this little blonde head?
Every time he could, this man took his little granddaughter with him everywhere.
A fishing trip, gardening, or business meals: Séverine as a child, listened, questioned, observed and learnt.
The man was funny and attentive with his little granddaughter. The latter was fascinated by her hero.


After her schooling, Séverine Vermorel turned to a stylist school in the capital of Gaul.
When she was sixteen years old, the old man died; therefore, saddened by the loss of her grandfather the teenager redoubled her work.
At the age of 17, with a BTS (technical school degree) in her pocket, she left her family and moved to Paris where she shared an apartment with a friend. She approached the haute couture ateliers with her diploma…
Her approach, her unusual journey intrigued and challenged…


She obtained a trainee position at Michel Klein.
Very quickly, she was entrusted with the execution of tasks much more relevant than the ones usually assigned to a mere trainee.


The young woman accepted and worked 7/7 tirelessly; so, very quickly, she found herself in the turmoil of fashion serving Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Berger, Versace, Guy Laroche… Disney.
The world of haute couture is a village and all the designers know each other.
The young designer gravitated, all day long, in the workshops of one or the other fashion house, according to their requests or to the requirements of fashion stars. Madonna, Mickael Jackson, Caroline of Monaco, Jean Paul Gauthier, Paco Rabanne and many other stars met her amused eye.
This young woman, featuring a sturdy character, was quickly recognized for her work, her enthusiasm and her joie de vivre.
Her life took place in a cyclone, like a whirlwind – during the day she dressed the models while the nights became white. She found herself to be a confidante, a big or little sister, of Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, in parties that never ended.
Several years later, the young woman decided to return to her childhood’s land. Far from gloss and glitter.


Ironically, she opened her own ready-to-wear shop in Vichy a few meters from the apartment where her grandfather used to live once.
Surrounded by two vendors, the shop quickly became a place visited by the local bourgeoisie and by the Parisian families temporary in town for their spa treatments.
Such four walls however quickly become narrow for the work-bulimic young woman who accepted a position as manager in a large wedding dress making house in the North of France.


Three years later, fate decided otherwise: the young woman then aged 30 resigned from all her work mandates and relationships.
She returned to settle in Lyon. The young woman, who had previously moved away from the world of “people”, during a dedication in a bookstore met the French writer Didier Poudière, a contemporary author and entrepreneur.
This was the encounter with the love of her life and the father of her child.


Séverine Vermorel decided then to take a short break from work to devote herself to her family and opened her boxes and suitcases to settle down…


Later on she started again to create her drawings with her pencils and acrylics and, in 2011, she painted a series of large-format paintings that were then displayed in salons in Lyon for the first time.
Her unusual style challenged art critics and soon she exhibited in Rome where fate involved the young painter in a very special request.


Today, in the middle of her life, among the drawing and painting lessons she gives for her association in Antibes, among two exhibitions in Europe, as an accomplished mother, she looks her son Pierre grow – he has the same name as her grandfather -, as a homage, in the continuity of a line of life marked by encounters and fate events.


Learning to paint and draw, learning about fashion design, pattern making and design with the artist Séverine Vermorel: you have to see her welcome her students to understand that this young woman with a constant smile is a gift of self.
Indeed, the young painter always receives her protected students with a good communicative mood.
Featuring simplicity and spontaneity, without at all hiding her proven talent, Séverine Vermorel knows from the outset how to put at ease and encourage you to discover all the possibilities you have to develop your talents as artists.
Youngs or adults, all of them are immediately seduced by the kindness and goodwill of this artist.
You will love her quietness, her constant listening attitude; her permanent smile and her soft voice will guide you through her apparent femininity to the success of your learning path.


The Vatican was not wrong in asking her to participate in the jubilee of Pope Francis by conceiving a painting representing children from all over the world:
Séverine Vermorel did not only paint them, she made them happy, she guided them in the wonderful world of imagination.


Young or grown up children, in her presence, the world takes colors, stars twinkle, life becomes easier. Her keen eyes, her cheerful smile will conquer you. Despite the success, despite the papal honors, this young artist was able to remain simple and natural.
Endowed with charm and undoubtful beauty, you will not remain insensitive to this beautiful person.
Perhaps in a dream, Confucius would have whispered her his words: « Wherever you go, go with all your heart »


It seems that this young painter in her turn, without effort, let’s you discover this beautiful way of life…



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