Courses of Graphic and Plastic Arts

You are the recipients of the courses on graphic and plastic arts, drawing and painting if…

  • You are children, teenagers, adults
  • You are beginners, amateurs or experts
  • You need help to improve your technique
  • You regret not to practice regularly
  • You do not know from where to start
  • You have always hesitated
  • You want to improve your talent
  • You want to free your artistic expression

Why taking art lessons?

Did you know that practicing an artistic activity like painting… coloring can remarkably lower our level of anxiety?


Practicing a creative activity reduces stress.


Coloring, pottery or collage can help you relax on a daily basis.


Your desire or need to express yourself, your desire to learn, to share in a friendly environment and to create freely.


Your desire to improve or to get introduced to different techniques, drawings, acrylics, watercolors…




The secret of our success:


Each student is unique and a personal time is dedicated to each student. Explore your artistic gifts that lie dormant in you!


By small group of 5 people maximum. The levels of our students are mixed to create emulation within our groups. We recognize the same importance to everyone: adults, teenagers or children. To learn and know different professional techniques.


We evolve together around a chosen theme and the productions are personalized. And for the same theme, each produced work is different.


Our courses are not school courses. We are involved in art design.


None of our students is photographed and total discretion is assured with reference to their identities and achievements. For all our children students, extra attention is paid to our rules on safety and ethics.


« Art is a system of universal teachings, true, useful, shared by all, tending towards one and the same end. »




Our courses develop creativity, inventiveness, discovery, freedom of expression and self-confidence.


Many themes are discussed: animals, characters, landscape, manga, drawing….


By this approach, our method, combines pleasure and practice.
You will find your own universe, your own style as well as your own way of expression.




We offer courses during the week: during the day or in the evening.


You choose!


Discover our offers on the following pages and join us!




The program of our courses will teach you to master the basics of drawing: Perspective, fields and depth, creation in space…


  The different stages of observation drawing
  The difference between construction and academic drawing
  The difference between the line and the concept
  Proportions in space
  The characters (anatomy, shortcuts, proportions)
  The construction of a head
  Light and shadows
  The different planes
  The materials


Drawing techniques: Charcoals, inks, graphite, colored pencil, sanguine


« Do not worry about how you ‘should’ draw it. Just draw it the way you see it. » Tim Burton