Adult Courses

You are not able to draw a straight line, to create a game of shadow and light. You want to work on the expression of a line, on values and contrasts with charcoal, sanguine, Indian ink, on color composition using colored pencils, watercolor, gouache… so let’s come to discover your personal expression, the freedom and joy of your inner creativity and fine-tune your artistic expression.


Learn how drawing and painting allow you to render on a sheet of paper or canvas the spaces and volumes you see around you. To work on a living model, on a still life, on an object, on a landscape, we rely on historical examples to see how the artists used the shapes, the planes and the rhythm. Feel the sensation of seeing your creation unfold to you. Discover the pleasure of seeing your drawing set in motion and learn to express yourself in an artistic visual language.


The pleasure of learning!!!



​Workshops for adults and students

Adults beginners or amateurs of an intermediate level.


These courses are aimed at beginners and amateurs who seek to develop or deepen the learning of a technique, to perfect their bases in the fundamentals of the graphic and plastic arts, as well as of drawing and painting.


Knowing how to draw or having already had experiences in the field of visual arts is not a prerequisite. Beginner students will start by drawing using a graphite pencil, while more advanced students can work using oil colors.


Come and discover the spirit of colors, the magic of volumes, the art of traits, lines and curves, the play of nuances, shadows and light, in order to learn to observe and discover one’s own creation freedom…




The lessons last 2 hours.
It is possible to register at any time of the season.




The workshops take place in groups of 2 to 5 people maximum so that each participant can obtain utmost attention and a customized support.


Each of our courses offer step-by-step tailored graphic and plastic art lessons that meet the individual needs and interests of each student.



Concerning the program

Work on the fundamentals (as an indication):

– work on colors
– work of shadow and light
– work on sketches (black and white)
– work combined with different mediums (graphite, gouache, watercolor, colored pencils …)
– work on perspective
– work on proportions
– work on rhythms, movements
– work on the methods (brush, knives and polishing…)



The benefits of art on adults

The regular practice of an artistic activity is beneficial to awaken the senses, let the right hemisphere of one’s own brain work (the one that manages the non-verbal skills and the creativity), improve self-confidence, trigger positive emotions, and stimulate our instinct.


An artistic activity is beneficial emotionally, psychically and physically. Creation makes happier.


Creativity is intelligence having fun. Einstein



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